Expired Curious Play with ReCreate

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Upper Lake

Join ReCreate, the creative reuse company for fun workshops and imaginative play, in the Discovery Zone. You and your family will unlock the true magic of ‘creative reuse’ through a reimagined world of salvaged materials.


ReCreate is an award-winning social enterprise that sits at the crossroads of creativity, sustainability and social inclusion. Our enterprise is based around the concept known as ‘creative reuse,’ which encourages the public to reuse materials (that would normally be sent to landfill or recycling) in all kinds of creative and inventive ways. Founded in 2013, the organisation has redirected over 1,000 tonnes of material from landfills and works with over 350+ business suppliers, resulting in 1000+ members having unlimited access to materials for their creative projects. We are delighted to be part of UCD Festival 2023.


Now let’s get curious and play…


You can drop in to this event whenever you’d like, but don’t forget to register for the Discovery Zone if you wish to attend.

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