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Expired The Promises and Perils of AI: Preparing for a Positive Future for Society and Work

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
UCD Quinn School of Business

Join us for a live 30-minute plus Q&A panel discussion on AI, where we will be exploring the fascinating topic of AI’s influence on society and the future of work. The panel will be hosted by Mark James, course designer and lecturer for the UCD Professional Academy’s suite of Artificial Intelligence courses.


Each panellist will address AI from a different perspective, such as the corporate view, and how the next generation co-pilot tools will reshape jobs and the nature of work. We will also explore the parental experience, and how parents can guide their children so they will benefit greatly from these advancements. Ultimately, the panel will try to demystify the technology and leave you with a sense of hope for the future. The discussion will conclude with a Q&A session, allowing you an opportunity to share your own insights or questions and get the panel’s feedback.


Host: Mark James, Course Designer & Lecturer at UCD Professional Academy

Panelist: John Haist, AI Specialist

Panelist: Neasa Cloney, Director at Deloitte.

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