Intel Science & Innovation Zone

Expired Intel Showcase

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Ground Floor O'Brien Centre for Science

Intel invites you to visit their stand in the O’Brien Centre for Science, where we will showcase our Intel Diverse Abilities Network, OpenVino Demos, and our skills and capabilities team.


Are you ready for a thrilling Intel challenge? Show your technical and engineering skills by following instructions to have a functional remote controlled car race on the track provided. Complete the task in the shortest time possible, whilst answering questions that can affect your time score. Our skills and capabilities team will demonstrate what Augmented Reality (AR) is and how Intel utilises it in our manufacturing facilities, creating a wow experience where visitors will get to experience it first-hand. Additionally, you will have the chance to meet our Movidius Client AI team who will demonstrate some of their OpenVino software capabilities. The OpenVino demo’s consist of image recognition applications that use a webcam to detect various people and objects and display them as augmented reality on a TV screen. This demo visually demonstrates the power of AI trained models and their integration into Intel OpenVino.


This challenge is sponsored by the Intel Disability & Accessibility Network and our Technical Leadership Development group – two teams that are passionate about supporting and empowering employees with disabilities and technical leadership skills. The Disability & Accessibility Network provides support and accommodation for employees with disabilities and caregivers, while the Technical Leadership Development group offers pipeline and mentorship programs to help advance careers and foster a diverse and inclusive culture. Learn more about these teams and their amazing work through this fun and exciting challenge made accessible to all.


You can drop in to this event whenever you’d like, but don’t forget to register for the Intel Science & Innovation Zone if you wish to attend.

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