Expired Dynamic Earth

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Ground Floor O'Brien Centre for Science

Due to the long time scales on which geological processes occur, many people may not be aware how dynamic the interior of our planet is. The attendees will get familiar with different processes in the Earth, such as building mountain chains, sedimentation caused by the rivers, seismic activity, etc. This will be achieved through the following exhibits:


a) Sedimentation processes – demonstration of a flume tank, laminar and turbulent flows, ripples;


b) 3D Geology – mountain formation;


c) Earth’s stories embedded in rocks – see the Earth’s materials and rocks through a microscope


d) Earthquakes, volcanoes and imaging of the Earth – interactive demonstration of seismic wave recording


You can drop in to this event whenever you’d like, but don’t forget to register for the Intel Science & Innovation Zone if you wish to attend.

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